Producer, Quiero Que Sepas on WPRR Reference: Bob Goodrich While attending Olivet College, I was invited to volunteer as an producer for Quiero Que Sepas heard on WPRR. I contributed to the show by performing live board operation and production, bringing callers on the air, recording and editing the show for the station podcast. I also created a Facebook page, website and logo for the show.Read More → | 2010 – 2016 | Online News/Teaching Tool I initiated this website to be used as a teaching tool for the Journalism/Mass Communication program at Olivet College because I recognized the need for JMC students to have an experience with an online content management system. I coordinated with a graphic design student in the creation of the header. In coordination with Professor Joanne Williams, I created a PowerPoint presentation and handouts as training materials, and I provided training to students in Basic Reporting and JMC Seminar who posted stories to the site as a part of their grade. This project is currently offline.Read More →

Parental Advisory Committee Newsletter, Olivet, MI | October 2010 Publication Design Professor: Joanne Williams; Team: Amber Ballard, Danielle Chauvin, Christine Moulton, Branden Webb, Amy Zesiger, and others. My classmates and I were tasked with redesigning and modernizing the newsletter for the Olivet College Parental Advisory Committee. Using our knowledge of the elements of line, color, and symmetry, we devised a simple but effective design employing the use of the Olivet College’s red and black color scheme.Read More →

MDPLGBT Caucus Media Contact Management | Website Development Internship Supervisor: Marilyn Vogler; References: Jenifer Chapin-Smith, Duane Breijak, For my internship at Olivet College, I organized the media contact list for the Michigan Democratic Party LGBT Caucus using Microsoft Excel. I also created the website for the caucus. The site is currently offline, but can be found on the WayBackMachine.Read More →

WGVU – AM 1480 – Assistant Producer References: Rob Willey, Beth Miller This was a work-study experience when I attended Grand Valley State University. The station manager asked me why I want to work in radio, and I said, ‘Because it sounds like it would be fun.’ My experience at WGVU allowed me to learn board operation, pre-recording shows, setting up reel-to-reel tape, (and working under pressure while frantically fixing a tangled up tape), and overcoming my fear of talking on the air. I also filled in for the FM radio personalities on occasion.Read More →

WOCR On-Air Personality/Host, News & Public Affairs Director – September 2008 – April 2011 References: John Shull, Kelly Modad, Jr. WOCR is Olivet College’s radio station. I started as a contributor to Kelly and Kyle Modad’s MoBro’s radio show to getting a show of my own that first semester and each semester throughout my time at Olivet College. I contributed to WOCR in the following ways: Produced weekly live music show called BottleRocketRadioShow which featured protest/social cause music ranging from the 60’s to the 90’s. Designed and distributed ink pen advertising specialty to promote the show. Posted flyers around campus to promote the show. ProducedRead More →

Hudsonville Congregational UCC, Hudsonville, MI | November 2006 – August 2008As the Outreach Director, I led a committee responsible for internal and external communications to promote events and build brand identity, based on focus group surveys and current events. Accomplishments: Established and managed podcast program Wrote press release resulting in earned media in the Advance, a local community newspaper. Can’t get to church? Plug Into Internet Podcast for Sermon Created the church website on WordPress with SEO, designed to reflect the color scheme of the new addition of the church. The version of the website I made is archived here. Utilized existing focus group researchRead More →

WTSS.COM | 1997 – 2004 | Niche Social Media CommunityIn 1997, I created my first website,, to encourage Christians to focus more on helping others. At first I built it on Yahoo GeoCities. Later I started using FrontPage and I FTP’d HTML pages to a leased server. I utilized CGI script for chat rooms, and managed volunteers who would greet visitors to keep the site active. In 2011, I sold the domain to Western Tower, which helped a lot in paying for expenses in college. Because I was learning HTML and website design when I built this site, the overall design evolved. Here’s aRead More →

PaleoRadio was a daily weekday 3-hour talk radio show politics, religion and culture with host, Jeremiah Bannister. I teamed up with Jeremiah to revive his talk radio show on WPRR. We were on the air at WPPR December 2011 – April 2013 Accomplishments: Live on-air production in a fast-paced environment Promoting the show to affiliate stations and securing rebroadcast agreement with WRFN-LP Recorded and edited show for rebroadcast on WPRR and WRFN-LP and station podcast using Sony SoundForge Identified, researched and scheduled guests for interviews Prepared questions and background information for interviews Created website for the show using WordPress Wrote and posted show notes content on websiteRead More →

I began GreenActionNews in the Spring of 2013 out of my interest in environmental justice. I developed the website on the model described by Bill Moyer in Doing Democracy, so that the scope of the site is to broadly cover the work of grassroots activists, change agents and policy reformers. I established social media assets, logo, and tagline. I recruited and managed writers from around the world who contributed stories where they lived, including Italy, parts of Africa, Brazil, and parts of the United States, who were paid based on a mix of variables including per article, word count and performance metrics. Examples of myRead More →