Olivet College, THE ECHO
The Echo, Olivet College’s newspaper, I started out as a Guest Writer and eventually was promoted to Staff Writer. My byline sometimes is JD Sullivan, other times is Jim Sullivan.
Skills: Interviewing, Researching, Reporting, Media Ethics, Investigative Reporting, Meeting Deadlines

One of my strengths as a reporter is curiosity. As a new student to Olivet College, I was curious about the sorts of activities available to students which led to the first article I wrote for The Echo.

Mu Omega Pi Members Being Asked to Move
This is an investigative journalism piece I wrote for my college newspaper, TheEcho. There was more to the story than a mere noise complaint. This story required thorough research into state housing laws and being persistent in getting comments from all the people involved. Not everyone I contacted wanted to make a comment.

Frat Has Fun, Provides Service by Raking Leaves…
A couple of fraternity members who were upset by the college newspaper only covering the noisy parties and fights and not the good aspects of fraternities. I advised them that what they needed is a public relations strategy for their fraternity. I’m not sure if they followed through on that, but later they invited me to cover a story of them doing some community service.

Al-Jazeera Reporter Encourages Students to Seek Truth
Josh Rushing came to speak at Olivet College about his experience being a former U.S. Marine captain with the duty to be the spokesperson at Central Command during Operation Iraqi Freedom, which led to him being featured in the documentary Control Room.

MTG Cuts Hit Students Hard
This is a public affairs article has to do with cuts to state funding specifically for students who attend private colleges in Michigan.

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