PaleoRadio was a daily weekday 3-hour talk radio show politics, religion and culture with host, Jeremiah Bannister. I teamed up with Jeremiah to revive his talk radio show on WPRR. We were on the air at WPPR December 2011 – April 2013


  • Live on-air production in a fast-paced environment
  • Promoting the show to affiliate stations and securing rebroadcast agreement with WRFN-LP
  • Recorded and edited show for rebroadcast on WPRR and WRFN-LP and station podcast using Sony SoundForge
  • Identified, researched and scheduled guests for interviews
  • Prepared questions and background information for interviews
  • Created website for the show using WordPress
  • Wrote and posted show notes content on website for each episode
  • Promoted show via Twitter, Facebook, and public events
  • Drafted & directed creation final version of logo
  • Created flyers to promote the show
  • Monitored and Analyzed Google Analytics, Arbitron ratings, and audio streaming traffic
  • Recruited, trained, and supervised call-screening volunteers and a graphic design intern


Skills: WordPress, HTML, FTP, SEO, Hootsuite, Twitter, Facebook, Researching, Interviewing, Coordinating, Recruiting, Training, Leading, Dropbox, Podcast, Web Traffic Analytics and Streaming Audio Analytics, Arbitron, Graphic Design, On-Air Announcing, Radio Broadcast Production, Digital Audio Recording and Editing, SoundForge, Windows, Microsoft Word, Adsense, Copywriting, Branding.

CatalystRadio interviews Jeremiah Bannister and JD Sullivan.

Jeremiah and I were invited by members of OccupyGR to give a workshop on Activist Tips for Communicating with the Media, which was held at Circle Pines Center in Delton, MI, in 2012.

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