July 1997 – September 2004 This was my very first web site. WTSS was an acronym similar to the then popular WWJD bracelets. WTSS is where I learned how to code in HTML. The site featured CGI script chat rooms which I hired someone to do the CGI work. Some visitors began to volunteer to hang out in the chat rooms to keep other visitors engaged to the point where anyone could visit and find others there to chat. By 2000, WTSS was #1 on Yahoo! with the keyphrase “Christian teen chat.” By this time I had made t-shirts and wristbands which I used asRead More →

I created and began reporting on environmental news focused on environmental activism in 2013. Using the model described by Bill Moyer in Doing Democracy, the scope of the site is to broadly cover the work of grassroots activists, change agents and policy reformers. I developed the website using WordPress, created the social media assets, supervised the development of the logo, tagline, branding. I developed an online training guide on how to use WordPress as well as style guidelines. I recruit and support contributing writers. Presently, I am looking forward to developing infrastructure to make the sight more user-friendly for content contributors, internal communications and semi-automatedRead More →

In late 2013, I teamed up with Jeremiah Bannister to revive his talk radio show on WPRR. As Executive Producer of the show I produced the on-air production of the show, edited the show for podcasts, recruited and supervised volunteers in the call-screening room, identified and secured guests for the show and prepared questions for interviews, created the PaleoRadio website using WordPress, wrote show notes for each show, recruited and supervised a graphic design intern, directed design of logo, promoted the show on Facebook, Twitter, printed flyers posted throughout the Grand Rapids area, promoting the show at public events. We were on the air atRead More →

During my first year at Olivet College (Fall 2008 – May 2009) I had a radio show on WOCRFM. I named my show “BottleRocketRadioShow” with the tagline “Release your inner beatnik” which featured songs with a social activism theme ranging from Bob Dylan to the Black Eyed Peas. I prepared and read news related to social justice during the show.I had pens made by an advertising specialties company which included the name of the show, tagline the website listed on it, which I gave out to classmates to help promote the show.Read More →