Customer Booking Made Easy

This week I got an invitation to set up an interview for a job with an online tool called The website asked for my name and email address and to confirm that I am not a robot. After I confirmed the appointment, I was presented with the options to add the appointment to Google Calendar or Microsoft Office Calendar.

I really like this tool. It takes ‘phone tag’ out of the equation in setting up appointments, and it requires the applicant to follow through with setting up the appointment. In addition to setting up interviews, it can be used to set up appointments with customers. YouCanBook.Me would be a great tool for tutors and anyone who provides music lessons.

Upon confirmation, a confirmation email is sent to the customer, which can be customized by the service provider. Even though I got an email invitation, the tool can also be embedded into a website. And the service provider can also make bookings dependent on payment. Credit card details are entered directly into your booking form so you know payment is confirmed before the booking takes place. Stripe is also supported with an additional fee. Customization features include look and feel of the calendar and email notifications, setting deadlines such as for promoting a special sale price for a service, allowing for cancellations with a deadline, and SMS text reminders. There are also social media integrations.

Premium features include being able to control specific times of availability, connection with multiple calendars, view booking records, separate booking calendars each with unique department branding for large organizations, automatic padding to give a break between each appointment, integration with Zapier, auto rebooking, team usage, redirects and customization with HTML. At the time of this review, the price for YouCanBook.Me is £ 7 monthly or as low as £ 6.33/mo on a 1-year contract or £ 5.63/mo on a 2-year contract, provided the full price of the contract is paid up front.

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