Strategic Communication

Strategic Communication is an approach that views communication from the audience’s perspective. With each bit of communication by an organization, we must ask ‘What will be the impact on the audience, and how does this fit in with the overall communication strategy of the organization.’

Marketing & Communications Strategy Skills
Managing marketing and communications aligned with organizational mission, vision, values, strategic plans, events, and activities.
Maintaining Consistency with Branding, Messaging Priorities, and Content Management
Internal & External Communications
Social Media Management (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.)
Social Media Tools (Hootsuite)
SEO tools, principles, and practices, and writing for SEO.
Analytics – Google Analytics & Slimstat
Media Contact Development & Maintenance, Press Releases, PR Writing & Public Relations
Creating & Distributing Traditional Advertising – print, display, print newsletters.
Creating & Distributing Digital Advertising – Website, Facebook ads, Twitter advertising, and Facebook Fan Pages, Google Adwords, online calendars.
Public Speaking, Presesntations, and Community Engagement.

References not linked are available upon request.

Media Contact Management | Website Development

Internship Supervisor: Marilyn Vogler; References: Jenifer Chapin-Smith, Duane Breijak,
For my internship at Olivet College, I organized the media contact list for the Michigan Democratic Party LGBT Caucus using Microsoft Excel. I also created the website for the caucus. The site is currently offline, but can be found on the WayBackMachine.

Hudsonville Congregational UCC, Hudsonville, MI | November 2006 – August 2008
Press Release Writing | Website Development | Internal & External Communications | Non-Profit

References: Greg Larsen
I served as the Outreach Director and led a committee responsible forinternal and external communications to promote events and build brand identity. I established and managed our podcast program and wrote a press release which resulted in earned media (Can’t get to church? Plug Into Internet Podcast for Sermon), in the Advance, a local community newspaper. I made this version of their website, to reflect the color scheme of the new addition of the church. I served at the time as the Outreach Director and headed a committee responsible for internal and external communications to promote events and build brand identity based on focus group surveys. I created this Wikipedia for the church.

Parental Advisory Committee Newsletter, Olivet, MI | October 2010
Publication Design

Professor: Joanne Williams; Team: Amber Ballard, Danielle Chauvin, Christine Moulton, Branden Webb, Amy Zesiger, and others.
My classmates and I were tasked with redesigning and modernizing the newsletter for the Olivet College Parental Advisory Committee. Using our knowledge of the elements of line, color, and symmetry, we devised a simple but effective design employing the use of the Olivet College’s red and black color scheme.

Public Relations Writing
metroGRnews/Mayan Buzz Cafe | September 2014

Mayan Buzz Cafe Celebrates One Year Anniversary is an article I wrote about a local coffee shop as an example of PR writing.