Radio Production

Radio Production Skills
Experience using audio production software & equipment including Audacity, DADPro32, StationPlayList Pro, Sony SoundForge, Board Op, On­ Air Radio Production and Pre/Post­Production
Researching, finding guests, preparing questions for the host, and pre-interviewing guests
Producing a precise, on-time and brand consistent show

PaleoRadio on WPRR Producer
Reference: Jeremiah Bannister
In late 2013, I teamed up with Jeremiah Bannister to revive his talk radio show, PaleoRadio. My work on Quiero Que Sepas led to the show being broadcast on WPRR. We were on the air at WPRR for three hours a day, Monday-Friday. And we spent much more time spent outside of the studio in preparation for the next show and marketing. It was -eat, sleep, PaleoRadio.
I contributed to PaleoRadio in the following ways:

  • Live on-air production in a fast-paced environment
  • Promoting the show to affiliate stations and securing rebroadcast agreement with WRFN-LP
  • Recorded and edited show for rebroadcast on WPRR and WRFN-LP and station podcast using Sony SoundForge
  • Identified, researched and scheduled guests for interviews
  • Prepared questions and background information for interviews
  • Created website for the show using WordPress
  • Wrote and posted show notes content on website for each episode
  • Promoted show via Twitter, Facebook, and public events
  • Drafted & directed creation final version of logo
  • Created flyers to promote the show
  • Monitored and Analyzed Google Analytics, Arbitron ratings, and audio streaming traffic
  • Recruited, trained, and supervised call-screening volunteers and a graphic design intern

Jeremiah and I were invited to give a workshop on Activist Tips for Communicating with the Media, which was held at Circle Pines Center in Delton, MI. PaleoRadio took a break in April 2013, and is now back on the air and podcast with Host, Jeremiah Bannister, with Joe Elder as co-host.

WOCR On-Air Personality/Host, News & Public Affairs Director – September 2008 – April 2011
References: John Shull, Kelly Modad, Jr.
WOCR is Olivet College’s radio station. The radio studio is one of the first places I visited after becoming a student and very quickly I moved from being invited to contribute to Kelly and Kyle Modad’s MoBro’s radio show to getting a show of my own that first semester and each semester throughout my time at Olivet College. This started out as volunteer work which eventually became a work-study experience. I contributed to WOCR in the following ways:

  • Produced weekly live music show called BottleRocketRadioShow which featured protest/social cause music ranging from the 60’s to the 90’s. Designed and distributed ink pen advertising specialty to promote the show. Posted flyers around campus to promote the show.
  • Produced weekly live music show called It’s Simply Complicated which was an eclectic mix of post-rock and newer music from west coast artists, Word Jazz, and world beat.
  • Initiated and produced a weekday daily live morning show called The WOCR Morning Show which featured album rock, rock, and some country. Because this was the morning show, I was also responsible for turning on the transmitter and preparing the studio for the broadcast day.
  • Initiated and served as the News & Public Affairs Director in which I collected campus and community events, wrote radio copy cards for each event announcement which I kept updated in the studio for all the announcers to read during their shows.
  • Filled in to help produce the live Olivet Sports braodcasts by operating the board in the studio, playing music and making announcements during breaks, and assisting sports broadcasters with connecting the Telos system for remote broadcasting.
  • Announced weather and time checks, played audio PSA’s and contributed to the music library.

My WOCR Sound Check Audio File

Quiero Que Sepas on WPRR Producer
Reference: Bob Goodrich
While attending Olivet College, I was invited to volunteer as an producer for Quiero Que Sepas heard on WPRR. I contributed to the show by performing board operation, bringing callers on the air, recording and editing the show for station podcast. I also created a Facebook page, website and logo for the show.

WGVU – AM 1480 – Assistant Producer
References: Rob Willey, Beth Miller
This was a work-study experience when I attended Grand Valley State University. The station manager asked me why I want to work in radio, and I said, ‘Because it sounds like it would be fun.’ My experience at WGVU allowed me to learn board operation, pre-recording shows, setting up reel-to-reel tape, (and working under pressure while frantically fixing a tangled up tape), and overcoming my fear of talking on the air. I also filled in for the FM radio personalities on occasion.