July 1997 – September 2004 This was my very first web site. WTSS was an acronym similar to the then popular WWJD bracelets. WTSS is where I learned how to code in HTML. The site featured CGI script chat rooms which I hired someone to do the CGI work. Some visitors began to volunteer to hang out in the chat rooms to keep other visitors engaged to the point where anyone could visit and find others there to chat. By 2000, WTSS was #1 on Yahoo! with the keyphrase “Christian teen chat.” By this time I had made t-shirts and wristbands which I used asRead More →

I initiated this web site to be used as a teaching tool for the Journalism/Mass Communication program at Olivet College because I recognized the need for JMC students to have an experience with an online content management system. I coordinated with a graphic design student in the creation of the header. I created training materials and provided training to students in 2 classes on how to use the site. This project is currently offline as it is being redeveloped.Read More →