This is an investigative journalism piece I wrote for my college newspaper, TheEcho. It involved the eviction of a fraternity, however, there was more to the story than a mere noise complaint. This story required thorough research into state housing laws and being persistent in getting comments from all the people involved, right up to the final day before going to print. Not everyone I contacted wanted to make a comment, but I think if you read between the lines you can figure out what was really behind the eviction. Please note: My name on the article is not JD, but it is still myRead More →

This story came about from a conversation I had with a couple of fraternity members who were upset by the college newspaper only covering the noisy parties and fights and not the good aspects of fraternities. I explained to them that reporters cannot read their minds and that it is much easier to find out about events when the police have to get involved because there is a public record. I advised them that what they needed is a public relations strategy for their fraternity. I’m not sure if they followed through on developing such a strategy, but later they invited me to cover aRead More →

This is a public affairs article I wrote for TheEcho, Olivet College’s newspaper. It has to do with cuts to state funding specifically for students who attend private colleges in Michigan. I interviewed the Vice President for Enrollement Management, a Republican State House representative and a Democrat State Hosue representative as well as students for this report. Click here for the PDF Version of the ArticleRead More →

Josh Rushing came to speak at Olivet College about his experience being a former U.S. Marine captain with the duty to be the spokesperson at Central Command with international reporters during Operation Iraqi Freedom. His earnest discussions with Al Jazeera reporters on how the war was being covered earned him the distinction of being featured in the documentary Control Room, much to his surprise and as a result he found himself thrust into a “whirlwind of controversary.” I covered Rushing’s speech and interviewed students and faculty for this campus events article for TheEcho. Click here for the PDF Version of the ArticleRead More →