Wallmart’s announcement of increasing starting wages to $11/hr is significant. Walmart has 1.6 million US employees, 1% of the US working population. Walmart spokespeople cite the new tax bill as to why they can make these increases, although this may be a dubious claim. Walmart also cites competition for qualified employees. Target, announced $11/hr starting wage last fall. Even in West Michigan, we have been seeing manufacturing jobs in West Michigan gradually increase to $11 – $15/hr, based on my non-scientific observation of help-wanted signs around town. Put into context an increase from $9/hr to $11/hr, take home pay is still going to be tooRead More →

These days if you want to come up with a catchy domain name, you’ve got to be quick. Real quick. Sunday morning, today, Trump’s Presidential Counselor, Kellyanne Conway made a remark on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that the White House had reported “alternative facts” to the ones reported by the news media about, of all the silliest of things to bicker about, the size of Trump’s inauguration crowd. And just like that, before the end of the day, the term alternative facts, not only became a meme, it was registered as a domain name! The WHOIS record does not reveal who owns it, but itRead More →

YouCanBookMe makes online booking a snap

This week I got an invitation to set up an interview for a job with an online tool called YouCanBook.me. The website asked for my name and email address and to confirm that I am not a robot. After I confirmed the appointment, I was presented with the options to add the appointment to Google Calendar or Microsoft Office Calendar. I really like this tool. It takes ‘phone tag’ out of the equation in setting up appointments, and it requires the applicant to follow through with setting up the appointment. In addition to setting up interviews, it can be used to set up appointments withRead More →

What is the role of the news media in the conflict in Syria, why does it appear to be their lack of coverage of the destruction taking place and would it make any difference? A friend on Facebook posed the following question: “The population of Syria is approximately 17.5 million, if there are over 3.5 million refugees fleeing Syria because of the war zone with which they live, I have great difficulty buying the supposed terrorist version being spread. Think about it, 20% of population fleeing homes, family And life as they knew it! I believe it they fear the Terror in their own countryRead More →