Butterflies & More

Pandas, tigers and whales are all popular endangered and threatened animals that people love. For some reason, I have a fondness for butterflies. And hummingbirds. And Trillium and Columbine. Their ephemeral quality is what I like about them.

Karner Blue Butterflies

Image Credit: Wikipedia
Karner Blue Butterflies are native to Michigan and many states, and they are endangered. According to the Michigan DNR, their numbers have diminished greatly and they can be found in the following Michigan counties: Allegan, Ionia, Kent, Lake, Mason, Mecosta, Montcalm, Muskegon, Newaygo, and Oceana.

Formally known as Lycaeides melissa samuelis, Karner Blue Butterflies have a short adult life. Just a couple of weeks. As adults, they feed on the nectar of many flowers. But as catepillars, they only feed on lupines. Lupines are tricky to cultivate in lawn landscapes because they tend to get top-heavy and fall over. My hope one day is to plant a huge wild lupine garden for the Karner Butterflies.