Assistant Producer, West Michigan Public Broadcasting (December 1992 – May 1995) My radio career has been an surprising, interesting and incredible journey. It all began when I was applying for work-study at WGVU-AM/FM in Grand Rapids, MI. When the station manager asked me, “So why do you want to work in radio?” I told him, I had no experience in radio, it just sounded like it would be fun. That was the only question he asked me, and his reply was the beginning of my love of radio. At WGVU I worked as an Assistant producer which included AM board operation, recording feeds, setting upRead More →

In late 2013, I teamed up with Jeremiah Bannister to revive his talk radio show on WPRR. As Executive Producer of the show I produced the on-air production of the show, edited the show for podcasts, recruited and supervised volunteers in the call-screening room, identified and secured guests for the show and prepared questions for interviews, created the PaleoRadio website using WordPress, wrote show notes for each show, recruited and supervised a graphic design intern, directed design of logo, promoted the show on Facebook, Twitter, printed flyers posted throughout the Grand Rapids area, promoting the show at public events. We were on the air atRead More →

During my 2nd year at college (September 2009 – Apr 2010), I got promoted to News & Public Affairs Director for WOCRFM. I identified sources for community and campus event information and prepared announcement copy for all WOCR talent to read on the air. In addition, throughout my education at Olivet College, I filled in to help produce the live Olivet Sportsbraodcasts by operating the board in the studio, playing music and making announcements during breaks and assisting sports broadcasters with connecting the Telos system for remote broadcasting. I also contributed to the music library.Read More →

During my 2nd year at Olivet College, I suggested that it would be a good idea for WOCR to have a morning show. Guess who got picked to do it! I came into the studio weekdays from 6:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. to produce a morning music show consisting of mostly 70’s and 80’s album rock, and 90’s grunge with an occasional country song thrown in – my deal with the morning cafeteria crew to agree to play our station in cafeteria as students topped by for breakfast. AirCheck/Demo – Student/Station Manager John Shull graciously made this demo for my annousement skills at WODR. ClickRead More →

During my third year at Olivet College (Fall 2010 – May 2011) I produced a music show called It’s Simply Complicated, which featured an ecelectic mix of post-modern rock, psychedelic music, world beat, new rock recommended to me by a friend who lived in Washington State, with a smattering of Ken Nordine’s ‘word jazz’.Read More →

During my first year at Olivet College (Fall 2008 – May 2009) I had a radio show on WOCRFM. I named my show “BottleRocketRadioShow” with the tagline “Release your inner beatnik” which featured songs with a social activism theme ranging from Bob Dylan to the Black Eyed Peas. I prepared and read news related to social justice during the show.I had pens made by an advertising specialties company which included the name of the show, tagline the website listed on it, which I gave out to classmates to help promote the show.Read More →

Since the outbreak of conflict in Syria and beyond its borders instigated by a certain organization I have felt uncomfortable about some of the terms we use to refer to that organization. At first it was referred to as ISIS, as an acronym, “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.” This is unfortunate for every person who is named Isis to have to endure the association. Then I heard President Obama refer to it as ISIL, which is short for “Islamic State of Iraq and Levant.” In 2014, President Obama made it very clear that this is the term he prefered to call it and itRead More →

Here’s a list of crowdfunding campaign tools. I’ll be updating this as I find more useful tools. This list can be found at: Pitch Video Animoto — online video editor iMovie — From Apple Stupeflix — Browser based video editor Video Hosting Vimeo — consider themselves home of high quality video.  Good editing tools. YouTube — Part of the Google portfolio, great for sharing. Blog — Many projects use their campaign as their blog.  Some continue to use it after the campaign is completed. Below are several options for off site blog applications. Tumblr – now part of yahoo, great for content which is heavy on images. WordPress –Read More →

What is the role of the news media in the conflict in Syria, why does it appear to be their lack of coverage of the destruction taking place and would it make any difference? A friend on Facebook posed the following question: “The population of Syria is approximately 17.5 million, if there are over 3.5 million refugees fleeing Syria because of the war zone with which they live, I have great difficulty buying the supposed terrorist version being spread. Think about it, 20% of population fleeing homes, family And life as they knew it! I believe it they fear the Terror in their own countryRead More →