Trump is proposing plan to nationalize America’s 5G network. This would be a very handy way for the govt to spy on everyone without getting those pesky FISA warrants or attempting to compel companies to turn over data. Just think of all the free-speech that could squashed! This proposal is being touted as a way to compete with China, but it sounds more like a way to become just like China.Read More →

Wallmart’s announcement of increasing starting wages to $11/hr is significant. Walmart has 1.6 million US employees, 1% of the US working population. Walmart spokespeople cite the new tax bill as to why they can make these increases, although this may be a dubious claim. Walmart also cites competition for qualified employees. Target, announced $11/hr starting wage last fall. Even in West Michigan, we have been seeing manufacturing jobs in West Michigan gradually increase to $11 – $15/hr, based on my non-scientific observation of help-wanted signs around town. Put into context an increase from $9/hr to $11/hr, take home pay is still going to be tooRead More →

Facebook offers a feature called Instant Articles which is a mobile publishing format that enables news publishers to distribute articles to Facebook’s app. Publishers can sell and serve their own rich-media and display ads in Instant Articles and keep 100% of that revenue. To monetize unsold inventory, publishers can also display ads from Facebook’s Audience Network, with a 70% share of the revenues going to the publisher. Publications using the Instant Articles feature include The New York Times, Buzzfeed, NBC News and National Geographic. According Engadget, Facebook will begin offering a way for news publishers to create a paywall for Instant Articles. It will allowRead More →

These days if you want to come up with a catchy domain name, you’ve got to be quick. Real quick. Sunday morning, today, Trump’s Presidential Counselor, Kellyanne Conway made a remark on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that the White House had reported “alternative facts” to the ones reported by the news media about, of all the silliest of things to bicker about, the size of Trump’s inauguration crowd. And just like that, before the end of the day, the term alternative facts, not only became a meme, it was registered as a domain name! The WHOIS record does not reveal who owns it, but itRead More →

YouCanBookMe makes online booking a snap

This week I got an invitation to set up an interview for a job with an online tool called The website asked for my name and email address and to confirm that I am not a robot. After I confirmed the appointment, I was presented with the options to add the appointment to Google Calendar or Microsoft Office Calendar. I really like this tool. It takes ‘phone tag’ out of the equation in setting up appointments, and it requires the applicant to follow through with setting up the appointment. In addition to setting up interviews, it can be used to set up appointments withRead More →

July 1997 – September 2004 This was my very first web site. WTSS was an acronym similar to the then popular WWJD bracelets. WTSS is where I learned how to code in HTML. The site featured CGI script chat rooms which I hired someone to do the CGI work. Some visitors began to volunteer to hang out in the chat rooms to keep other visitors engaged to the point where anyone could visit and find others there to chat. By 2000, WTSS was #1 on Yahoo! with the keyphrase “Christian teen chat.” By this time I had made t-shirts and wristbands which I used asRead More →

I initiated this web site to be used as a teaching tool for the Journalism/Mass Communication program at Olivet College because I recognized the need for JMC students to have an experience with an online content management system. I coordinated with a graphic design student in the creation of the header. I created training materials and provided training to students in 2 classes on how to use the site. This project is currently offline as it is being redeveloped.Read More →

I created and began reporting on environmental news focused on environmental activism in 2013. Using the model described by Bill Moyer in Doing Democracy, the scope of the site is to broadly cover the work of grassroots activists, change agents and policy reformers. I developed the website using WordPress, created the social media assets, supervised the development of the logo, tagline, branding. I developed an online training guide on how to use WordPress as well as style guidelines. I recruit and support contributing writers. Presently, I am looking forward to developing infrastructure to make the sight more user-friendly for content contributors, internal communications and semi-automatedRead More →