Hello, I am JD Sullivan. Welcome to my online portfolio.

With an eclectic mix of skills in WordPress, social media marketing, traditional marketing, news writing and editing, and talk radio production, I help people tell their story, create awareness, cultivate community, and build support.


Rave Reviews!

Creative Innovator

"JD, a former student, is a creative, ever-evolving user and innovator of online media and marketing techniques. His work allows me to invite him in to speak to current students about need-to-know information, especially in the areas of SEO, WordPress, Social Media and Marketing. His work in and outside of the classroom consistently showed marketing savvy and a willingness to work with others."

Professor Joanne Williams
JD's Academic Advisor, Professor and Faculty Advisor at The Echo

Dedicated Worker

"Jim is a very dedicated worker, who is talented at many different things. He was always willing to help others (in or out of class.) He is very smart and is willing to go the extra mile with projects and assignments."

Amy Zesiger Journalism Classmate with JD

Very Analytical

"[JD] has a very interesting brain, and the more I get to know him, the more I am able to decipher of what and how he thinks. He is a very analytical person, who always gets to the correct answer/solution, and then some. He thinks much deeper than I can even imagine, always thinking of the ripple effects of every decision."

Branden Webb Journalism Classmate with JD


"... an excellent coworker, timely, thoughtful and creative."

Beth Miller Co-Worker at WGVU

Great Attitude

"JD does an impressive job, is quick to respond to questions, suggestions, and feedback, and above all, has a great attitude – an excitement about the work and concern that it be the very best it can be."

Marilyn Vogler, PhD Vice Chair of MDPLGBT Caucus; Internship Supervisor.


A friend once said to me, ‘JD, most people just see the lamp, but you see all the parts of the lamp and the whole lamp at the same time.’